Easy Frosting Tips

12 August, 2010

Tips with Frosting

For a smooth professional finish use a palette knife or a butter knife to spread frosting over cake.

For best results, frost cake on day of serving.

Coloured Frosting

Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting can be tinted to your favourite shade using food colourings. For vivid or deeper colours, use paste or gel food colours available at cake decorating shops.

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Tips when cutting frosted cakes

Use a sharp, thin knife to cut Betty Crocker Cakes.

If frosting sticks, dip the knife in hot water and wipe with a damp paper towel at cutting each slice.

Cover exposed cut ends of cake with plastic wrap to maintain moistness.

Decorating Cakes

Betty Crocker Frosting is ideal to adhere different toppings such as candy sprinkles, lollies or toasted nuts or coconut.