Kids in the Kitchen

Girl's just wanna have fun

Sleepover time! Impress your friends with Betty Crocker's passionfruit butterfly cupcakes, the perfect treat for a girl's night in.

School Holidays

Cooking with kids is a fun and affordable activity the whole family can enjoy.

The best breakfast

Betty Crocker's delicious Shaker pancakes are perfect for kids. Top with chocolate hazelnut spread and sliced banana for a scrumptious start to the day.
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The rainbow connection

Get colourful with Betty Crocker's delicious Rainbow Brownie and Rainbow Cookie recipes for kids!
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Get creative

It's time to decorate! Cut cooked pancakes into fun shapes with animal cutters. Spread with Betty Crocker's frosting and decorate with your favourite lollies.

What about that mess?

In Betty's kitchen we start by filling the sink up with soapy water. Cleaning is much easier when dishes are washed as they are used.

Keep it simple

Simple recipes are the key to success. Select recipes that are easy for kids to understand and help prepare.

It's party time

Create the perfect birthday party treats with Betty Crocker's delicious Jungle Animal Cupcakes
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Take it outside

Fancy a family picnic? Fill your basket with Betty Crocker's delicious Apple and Cinnamon and Chocolate Shaker Muffins.
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